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AEO Certification

We are a company with AEO certificate


It is a Certificate delivered by the Customs Administrations, recognizing their status as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which gives them access to the means of trade facilitation and / or the benefit of fewer restrictions. 


It is a genuine «seal of quality», which allows operators to be recognized as demonstrating quality and reliability guarantees through accounting and logistics management and preventive safety measures. 

An Authorized Economic Operator can be defined as a trustworthy economic operator for customs operations and, therefore, can enjoy benefits throughout the European Union. .

This certificate is granted by the Customs Administration in accordance with the regulations of the European Union after a detailed audit and for an indefinite period. It reinforces the level of protection offered for customs controls. Effectively, the controls and formalities imposed are reduced, thus facilitating the movement of goods entering or leaving the European Union.



  • Registration of compliance with Customs regulations.
  • Proven financial solvency.
  • Appropriate quality and financial management systems.
  • Appropriate security systems and procedures for facilities and personnel.



  • Less information to collect for input / output declarations
  • The possibility of being informed in advance if a shipment is selected for control
  • A reduction on the controls of the goods and the documentation
  • A priority treatment in case of controls
  • The possibility of choosing the place of control
  • Easier access to certain simplified customs procedures
  • Good cooperation with customs services